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Gulf Multifunctional Fluid

Gulf Multifunctional Fluid

Gulf MultiAuto Multifunctional Fluid is a blend of moisture displacers de-watering agents and rust inhibitors that rapidly combats the ingress of water and steam in all electrical components. It displaces water and high grade moisture for long periods.

Gulf MultiAuto Multifunctional Fluid can be used to prevent the corrosion of steel, brass, copper, and aluminium fittings. It is ideal for the protection of tools and parts in storage.This product can be used safely on electrical, electronic and engineering components including electric motors, switches, terminals, tools and machinery, switch gear, and high and low tension cables.

The product is highly recommended for use in the garage, transport and offshore oil and marine industries.

All MultiAuto products are formulated to meet or exceed all International biodegradability standards (where appropriate). Aerosol products are free from chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants known to damage our planet's protective ozone layer.

Due to restrictions on transporting aerosols by post and airmail the Gulf MultiAuto range can only be supplied for orders within mainland mainland England, Wales and Scotland

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