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Gulf Concentrated Release Fluid

Gulf Concentrated Release Fluid

Gulf MultiAuto Concentrated Release Fluid has been formulated to deal with all types of seizure caused by corrosion. Concentrated Release Fluid rapidly penetrates the most severely corroded nuts, bolts, hinges, locks, linkages, tools, studs and pins leaving a protective lubricant film even in the closest of tolerances. The fluid climbs vertical surfaces by capillary action and leaves behind a residual non-evaporating lubricant which prevents further seizure. This product operates at temperatures between -9°C and 120°C continuously and up to 200°C intermittently.

Quickly penetrates rust and extends equipment life.
Provides thin-film lubrication and helps prevent seizure of parts.
Leaves protective film to guard against corrosion.
Recommended in coastal and industrial locations.

Due to restrictions on transporting aerosols by post and airmail the Gulf MultiAuto range can only be supplied for orders within mainland mainland England, Wales and Scotland

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