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Audenham Stainless Steel Aerial Dog Run Tie Out System Complete

Audenham Stainless Steel Aerial Dog Run Tie Out System Complete

The completely stainless steel design ensures long life even with frequent use, the stainless steel cable has a breaking load over 500kg and is stuiable for dogs up to 50kg. Dogs should ideally be able to run free, where this isn't possible or you need to contain your dog then an aerial run is preferable to a fixed chain to allow your dog the freedom to run the length of the line.

The stainless steel cable and accessory parts kit comes complete with:

2 stainless steel oval eye plates
2 stainless steel carbine hooks with eyelets
4 stainless steel wire rope clamps
1 stainless steel double swivel
3mm stainless steel 7/19 construction (flexible) cable

The aerial run system can be mounted between trees, fence posts, along outer walls, and other fixed anchor points. The carbine clips allow the aerial run to be removed when not in use and reinstalled very quickly when required.

The stainless steel aerial run is a temporary securing point and your dog should be attended regularly. Please ensure your dog has access to water and cover or shade.

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